QRFA Objectives

  • Promote renewable fuels with an agnostic approach and vision
  • Garner consumer and industry support and awareness through education and community engagement
  • Be a strong voice within the State advocating the benefits of renewable fuels
  • Work to advance value-added agriculture in Queensland and encourage value added opportunities created by the industry
  • Identify and coordinate efforts to address the needs of the industry
  • Compliment and collaborate with industry related associations
  • Support and encourage investment in renewable fuel projects
  • Work with all levels of Government to facilitate positive outcomes for renewable fuels in Queensland
  • Work to enhance Queensland opportunities to become more energy self sufficient
  • Expand the awareness of the environmental benefits of renewable fuels
  • Providing frameworks and industry pathways that engage and support the renewable fuel leaders of tomorrow


  • QRFA board of directors will provide leadership and passion to meet the objectives of the association
  • Provide a platform for engagement and communication between industry, government and consumers
  • An online resource centre, regular online newsletters
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Public speaking, media interviews and press releases
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops, webinars, and one on one meetings
  • Educate and engage all related biofuels parties to be advocates for the renewable fuels industry
Ethanol Plant


The renewable fuels industry is a multi-faceted industry that:

  • creates jobs
  • delivers rural economic development
  • provides cleaner burning and less greenhouse intensive fuels; and
  • provides greater energy independence.

The inclusive structure of the QRFA will serve to bring together government, businesses in the agriculture,research, education, processing and marketing sectors, and individuals who have an interest and belief in a successful biofuels industry in Queensland.

It is our firm belief that the objectives of government, motorists and industry can best be met by a Queensland-based association whose principal focus is on building a robust renewable fuels industry in Queensland.

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