Advisory Panel

Maree Crawford – Agronomist

Maree is a passionate and positive contributor to the Australian agricultural industry with a focus on providing exceptional customer service and delivering solutions through research, technology and best practice over the last 21 years.

Maree is an agronomist, with a Bachelor of Business, where her work within industry is highly regarded, given her 18 years with Pacific Seeds as a technical, commercial and marketing manager, through to her current role as technical services manager for Elders.

Given her instrumental role and commitment to providing growers with solutions to increasing productivity and profitability, coupled with application of innovative approaches using new technologies for farmers, Maree has held positions from the paddock to the corporate board room.
Through her vast insight, knowledge and hands on practical experience in agriculture, Maree has become an exemplary role model through engagement, support and mentoring contribution to the success of women in agriculture, which has seen Maree presented with 2016 GRDC Summer Grains Women in Agriculture award and 2014 Inaugural Women in Australian Agriculture 100 Award.

QRFA are honoured to have Maree sit on our advisory panel and her capacity to instil and contribute a wealth of experience to the sustainable development of Australia’s agriculture if imperative for the building of a robust renewable fuels industry.

Luke Von Pein – Grains Sector

Luke von Pein is a 5th generation farmer and business manager of the family business Pallathorpe Enterprises Pty Ltd. Pallathorpe is a crop growing farming operation on the Jimbour Plain, Darling Downs. Along with other crops they grow sorghum which is used by the local Dalby Bio-Refinery to produce ethanol. Luke’s role includes planning, growing, marketing and organising logistics of the crops grown as well as managing all finance, investments and accounting for the business. Prior to joining the family business, Luke worked as an accountant for 4 years in Brisbane and is a chartered accountant.

As a farmer and supplier to the Dalby Bio Refinery, Luke brings first hand experience on the benefits the renewable and biofuels industry has in rural communities, creating a stronger local economy, employment opportunities, additional markets for agricultural crops and environmental benefits. Luke understands the challenges in producing the crops as well as their market dynamics in relation to supply and demand. QRFA highly value Luke's advisory panel role to assist our association and industry.

John Morgan

John Morgan is an engineer with an extensive career in the oil industry working across all business facets, management expertise and has held various director positions including operating and not for profit organisations.  John's involvement in the renewable fuels area was associated with a business development proposal to build ethanol plants and with the roll out of E10 gasoline and biodiesel fuels to retail and commercial customers across NSW and Queensland.

John has deep expertise in operating complex industrial plants, Logistics, Distribution & Supply Chain Operations and Optimisation, Marine & Road Transport, Due Diligence & Best Practice Auditing.

QRFA is strengthened by John's experience with board governance and compliance to ensure QFRA provides fair and appropriate support and advice to the members.   John has a passion to see Australian businesses grow and thrive.



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