Membership Terms & Conditions

By joining as a member of QRFA Inc. you agree to:

1. Abide and be bound by the rules of the incorporated association.
2. To act and behave in a professional manner at all QRFA events and to be respectful and display courteous conduct and behaviour to directors, fellow members, working staff and volunteers of QRFA Inc. Member Code of Conduct
3. Our role and objectives are to work towards building, enhancing, assisting and developing a robust renewable fuels industry for Queensland.

1.1 Member Details: We require information related to you and/or your business, company or organisation to process your QRFA membership application. We will retain your details in a secure database which will be accessed by QRFA Management Committee once received to process your application. Protecting the privacy of its members is a key commitment of the Queensland Renewable Fuels Association Inc (QRFA). QRFA Inc. does not sell or rent information to other organisations or bodies. The information collected on this form is for the sole purpose of processing your application/registration, creating your member/participation record and keeping you informed of key QRFA Inc. updates, member services, policy updates, member initiatives and events.
1.2 Member Approvals: Individual, student, business/company or organisation’s membership application approval is at the discretion of the QRFA Management Committee. If payment has been received and a member is not given approval, a full refund will be issued within 7 days.
2.1 Memberships: QRFA Memberships are calculated on an annual basis from the joining start date. The memberships will automatically renew until written notice has been given within 30 days of the next renewal period.
3.1 Cancellation: Memberships can be cancelled at any time once written notification has been given to QRFA. Memberships may continue up until the current payment period of membership. If the service period is still valid, a refund is not available for the remaining membership period.
4.1 Payments: Payment is required in full for the first 12 month subscription period.  When signing up online, the payment gateway used is PayPal. Paypal payments will be on an annual subscription service as per PayPal policy's.
4.2 Declined Payments: If payment is made by direct deposit, an annual invoice will be sent at the end of each subscription period with payment due within 30 days. If the PayPal subscription is cancelled or declined, a manual invoice will be sent to the customer. A $30 administration fee will be payable for each month the invoice falls overdue from its payment due date.  QRFA reserves the right to immediately cancel the membership at any time.
5.1 Legally Binding: By executing this membership agreement the customer acknowledges and accepts that they are legally bound and responsible for the obligations contained in thee terms and conditions. Any breach of this Agreement will result in appropriate legal action.
6.1 Marketing Use: QRFA may display the members logo and company details for promotional use on its website under the members section:


    • Supporting memberships are available to those who wish to play a supportive and engaging role building and developing a strong renewable fuels industry for Queensland.
    • Through attendance as a supporting member at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and any General Member Meetings you will have an opportunity to voice in the future direction of QRFA and the industry related themes.
    • Supporting memberships receive email updates with industry documents, latest news and event updates - state, national and international.

    Full memberships are available for those who wish to actively participate in decision making processes towards building and developing a strong renewable fuels industry for Queensland.

    • Full voting rights - One vote per full member. 
    • You will have a say in the future direction of QRFA through attendance and voting at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    • You will receive discount registration fees for QRFA's annual conference, QRFA workshops and events
    • Listing on the QRFA Members Page
    • Full memberships receive email updates with industry documents, latest news and event updates - state, national and international.
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