Renewable Fuels


Renewable Fuels are fuels produced from renewable resources.  Two of the best known renewable fuels are ethanol and biodiesel that are produced from agricultural grains, sugarcane, fats/seed oils, algae and agricultural waste.

Another renewable fuel is biogas – produced through the anaerobic digestion of plant material, vegetation, agricultural and food processing waste streams.



cleaner burning

 Cleaner Burning 

Ethanol and biodiesel burn cleaner than fossil fuels, which reduces toxic tailpipe emissions and particles that cause respiratory diseases.


A Fuel of Choice

Not only are renewable fuels safe to use in the vast majority of vehicles, many major car and truck manufacturers actually recommend their use. The V8 supercars use E85 as it is clean and green, whilst delivering higher performance than regular petrol.



Economic boost to rural and regional communities.  Unemployment is highest in regional agricultural areas and increasing adoption of renewable fuels creates opportunities for new investment and jobs.


Agricultural development 

Large areas of undeveloped land in the north suitable for the production of renewable fuel feedstocks can be utilised, providing new opportunities for production of cleaner renewable fuels for domestic use and for export.


Low Carbon

Displaces the use of non-renewable, greenhouse gas intensive fossil fuels.


New industries

Biorefinery facilities represent the future of energy production. Biorefining has the potential to diversify into other value-added products such as bio-plastics and bio-chemicals.


Fuel Security

Australia imports more than 90% of its oil. Developing a robust domestic renewable fuel industry improves our fuel security

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